Front Row Seats at Christmas Concert

Would you like a chance to be FRONT ROW at the HES Christmas Concerts?
Yes! … Purchase tickets at the HES Office for your chance to win! Tickets sales December 4th – 13th.
Win a Set of 2 Front Row Seats!
Kindergarten – Grade 2 Concert Tickets: $2.00 each or 3 Tickets for $5.00
Grade 3-5 Concert Tickets: $2.00 each or 3 Tickets for $5.00

Stop by the HES office or send money/note with your child to purchase for your chance to win front row seats.
Draws will be made Monday, December 16th and we will notify all the front row seat winners by Tuesday December 17th. Winners will have their seats saved.
You can win multiple times!! Approximately 30 seats in total/ 15 winners per night! We will know more closer to setup.
*There will be a silver coin collection at the door as well as tickets for a door prize! See you there!